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Asian Calls a Psychic Prank (ANIMATED)

The con-artist charged me $400 for the most bogus advice ever.

I called a psychic on craigslist who is clearly a con-artist. She ‘charged’ me $400 for the most bogus advice ever. This is a classic prank that I’ve gotten SO many requests to animate, so excited to finally have this up and shared with you guys.

This lady is absolute psycho when she told me to stick a banana up my non-existent vagina.hehehe, “Very true”, The she told me bananas are magical LOOOL!! Are bananas  MAGICAL? That was the weirdest thing to do.

Watch how the whole conversation end up……..!!!!

I’m Asian. This is funny as hell. the voice interpretation was right on the dot. Using western union, like most asians ask when it comes to wire money, priceless! this is my first one I watched, it’s awesome.




While pranksters are keeping the entertainment for real for people, people have become more and more demanding and giving feedback to pranksters on what it (works) then everything  has become  like a circle of challenge and entertainment. It’s been amazing for everyone.

Oh, wait! it’s more……….>