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Have you Seen This Runaway Grandpa?

Who will help this old man who claims he’s being terrorized by his caretaker.

The video will show you the prank of an old man pretends that someone robbed and starting to persuade people to defend him and even fighting for him. One of the weirdest and funniest “social experiments” we have ever seen.

It’s actually quite amazing how some good people went out their way to help the poor grandpa. Social experiments like  this one and many others that are about rescuing older people, kids or even animals is great because it shows the real reactions on people and their beliefs.

Believe it or not, case like this ones exist in real life, where older people has been abused by their caretakers in their homes or nursing homes. Some  bad cases has made it to the news where older people have been taken to the bank and been robbed, or worse cases where they had been tortured to give up personal and security information.

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